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Plant Name: Scaevola sericea

Scaevola Sericea This large shrub or small tree is a useful addition to seaside gardens since it tolerates very dry conditions and strong, salty winds.

Short Description:

(1)FOB Price : $6-$50
(2)Min order Quantities: 50pcs
(3)Supply Ability:20000pcs/ year
(4)Sea port: Shekou or Yantian
(5)Pyament term: T/T
(6)Delivery Time: 10 days after advance payment

Product Detail


(1)Growing Way: Potted with Cocopeat and Potted with Soil
(2)Shape: Mutli Trunks and Shrub shape
(3)Flower Color: white color Flower
(4)Canopy: Well Formed Canopy Spacing from 20cm to 1 meter
(5)Diameter Size: 15cm to 100cm
(6)Usage: Garden, Home and Landscape Project
(7)Temperature Tolerate: 3C to 50C


Introducing Our New Product: Scaevola - The Seaside Wonder

From FOSHAN GREENWORLD NURSERY CO., LTD, where excellence meets nature, we present to you our latest addition to our collection of top-quality trees and plants - Scaevola. This versatile plant is a true gem for seaside gardens, with an extraordinary ability to withstand dry conditions and strong, salty winds, making it a must-have for beachfront landscapes.

Scaevola, commonly known as "half flower" due to its unique characteristic of appearing on only one side of the corolla tube, is a large shrub or small tree that offers a range of benefits to garden enthusiasts. Its sprawling and freely branching structure adds a dynamic touch to any landscape, while the fleshy, pale green leaves provide a soothing aesthetic appeal.

One of the remarkable features of Scaevola is its oval berries, which effortlessly float for long periods, allowing for widespread distribution. This quality ensures that your garden will thrive with the natural distribution of these beautiful plants, creating a harmonious environment.

Thriving in full sun and sandy soil, Scaevola adapts well to various conditions, making it suitable for a wide range of landscapes. Whether you have a garden in need of a vibrant centerpiece, a home garden craving a touch of seaside charm, or a landscape project longing for a resilient and visually stunning addition, Scaevola will exceed your expectations.

At FOSHAN GREENWORLD NURSERY CO., LTD, we take pride in delivering products of exceptional quality. Our Scaevola plants are carefully nurtured using the best agricultural practices, ensuring optimal growth and vitality. Available in potted options with Cocopeat or Soil, our Scaevola plants are guaranteed to arrive in their prime, ready to flourish in your chosen environment.

With a variety of shapes, including multi-trunks and shrub forms, Scaevola offers versatility in design and landscaping. The well-formed canopy, with a spacing ranging from 20cm to 1 meter, provides a delightful display of foliage and flowers. Speaking of flowers, Scaevola boasts stunning white five-lobed blooms, adding a touch of elegance and serenity to any setting.

With a diameter size available from 15cm to 100cm, Scaevola has options to suit gardens of all sizes. Whether you're looking to create a small, intimate garden or a grand, sprawling landscape, Scaevola has you covered.

Scaevola is not only a visual delight but also a plant that is resilient to a variety of temperatures. It tolerates temperatures ranging from as low as 3°C to as high as 50°C, ensuring its survival and vibrancy in diverse climatic conditions.

Embrace the seaside wonder of Scaevola, and let FOSHAN GREENWORLD NURSERY CO., LTD be your trusted partner in transforming your garden or landscape project into an oasis of beauty and tranquility. With our extensive field area exceeding 205 hectares and a reputation built on excellence, we are committed to delivering the highest quality trees and plants to enhance your natural environment.

Choose Scaevola, choose excellence, and let your garden blossom with the wonders of nature.

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