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Neem Powder Benefits and Uses – Wonderful Leaves

The neem tree is a very strange tree, and the neem leaves are the most complex leaves on the planet.

Azadirachta Indica 1

Sadhguru: The neem tree is a very strange tree. The neem leaves are the most complex leaves on the planet. With over 130 different bioactive compounds, the neem tree is one of the most complex leaves you can find on earth.


#1 Anti-Cancer Effects of Neem

  • Daily consumption of neem keeps the number of cancer cells within a certain range.

Neem has many incredible medicinal benefits, but the most important one is that it can kill cancer cells. Everyone has cancer cells in their body, but under normal circumstances, they are disordered. However, if you create certain conditions within the body, they will become organized. This wouldn't be a problem if the cancer cells were just wandering off on their own. But if they gather in one place, problems arise. It's like going from petty theft to organized crime, it's a serious problem. If you consume neem on a daily basis, it will keep the number of cancer cells in your body within a certain range so that they do not gang up to attack your system.

#2 Antibacterial Effects of Neem

Azadirachta Indica 3

The world is full of bacteria, and so is the human body. There are more microbes in your body than you can imagine. Most bacteria are good and without them we wouldn't be able to digest food. In fact, we couldn't survive without bacteria. But there are some bacteria that can cause you trouble. Your body is constantly expending energy managing these bacteria. If too many bacteria are present, you'll feel depressed because your defense mechanisms have to expend too much energy fighting them. By taking neem internally and externally, you can keep these bacteria from growing too much and your body won't have to expend as much energy fighting them. If you take a certain amount of neem every day, it will clear out troublesome bacteria in your intestines so that your colon can stay clean and free from infection.

By taking neem internally as well as externally, you can keep these bacteria from overgrowing.

Likewise, if you have a bad smell somewhere on your body, it means the bacteria are a little too active in that area. Most people have some skin problems, but if you take a bath with neem, your skin will become clean and glowing. If you rub your body with neem mud before taking a shower, let it dry naturally for a while, and then wash it off with water, it will have a good antibacterial effect. Alternatively, you can soak a few neem leaves in water overnight and use this water to bathe the next morning.

#3 Neem for Yoga Practice

Neem benefits for yoga practice

Most importantly, Neem generates heat in the human body, which helps in generating an intense form of energy within the system. People may have different dominant constitutions - these two constitutions are traditionally called sheeta (cold) and ushna (hot). The closest English word to "sheeta" is "cold," but that's not an accurate expression. If your system starts to get sheeta, the amount of mucus in the body will increase. Excess mucus in the system is associated with a variety of conditions, such as common colds, sinusitis, and more.

Neem generates heat in the human body, which helps in generating an intense form of energy within the system.

For hatha yogis, neem is particularly important because it tilts the body slightly toward ushna (heat). Ushna means you have extra "fuel". For a sadhaka (spiritual practitioner) who is going to explore unknown territories, it would be safer to carry a little extra fuel in case the system needs it. You'll want to keep the fire a little hotter than it normally needs to be. If this body is in a sheeta state, you cannot be too active. But if you allow your body to lean slightly towards ushna, even if you travel outside, eat outside, or come into contact with other things, this extra fire will burn to deal with these external influences, and neem is huge in this regard support.


One note of caution is that when taken in overdose, neem can kill sperm. Pregnant women should not take neem during the first four to five months of pregnancy, when the fetus is developing. Neem is not harmful to the uterus but can produce excess heat. If a newly pregnant woman has too much heat in her body, she may miscarry. If a woman is trying to conceive, she should not take neem as it will generate too much heat and the system will treat the baby as a foreign body.

If a woman is trying to conceive, she should not take neem as it produces too much heat.

If the heat continues to increase, certain changes may occur in the system - women will notice this more easily than men. If this affects the normal processes of the body, we can reduce the heat appropriately. But we usually don't want to give up on neem because for people doing sadhana (spiritual practice), the system requires a certain amount of heat. Some women find that their periods become shorter once they take neem daily. If this is the case, drink more water. If just drinking more water doesn't reduce the calories, add the juice of a lemon or half a lemon to the water. If that's not enough, drink a glass of winter melon juice, which is great for helping reduce inflammation. You can also choose castor oil. If you rub a little castor oil on your navel, heart chakra, bottom of the throat and behind the ears, you can quickly cool down the system.

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