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Plant Name: Tabebuia impetiginosa

Handroanthus impetiginosus, the pink ipê, pink lapacho or pink trumpet tree, is a tree in the family Bignoniaceae

Short Description:

(1)FOB Price : $8-$600
(2)Min order Quantities: 100pcs
(3)Supply Ability: 50000pcs/ year
(4)Sea port: Shekou or Yantian
(5)Pyament term: T/T
(6)Delivery Time: 10 days after advance payment

Product Detail


(1)Growing Way: Potted with Cocopeat
(2)Clear Trunk: 1.8-2 meter with Straight Trunk
(3)Flower Color: Pink color Flower
(4)Canopy: Well Formed Canopy Spacing from 1 meter to 4 meter
(5)Caliper Size: 2cm to 30cm Caliper Size
(6)Usage: Garden, Home and Landscape Project
(7)Temperature Tolerate: 3C to 50C


Tabebuia impetiginosus from Foshan Greenworld Nursery Co., Ltd

Tabebuia impetiginosus, also known as Handroanthus impetiginosus or Tabebuia impetiginosus, is a majestic tree belonging to the Bignoniaceae family. With its stunning pink flowers and impressive size, this tree is a true standout in any landscape. Native to North, Central, and South America, from Mexico to Argentina, it has gained popularity in various countries for its beauty and versatility.

At Foshan Greenworld Nursery Co., Ltd, we take pride in supplying high-quality trees to fulfill all your landscaping needs. With a vast field area spanning over 205 hectares, we have the resources and expertise to provide you with the perfect specimens for your projects. Our range includes a diverse selection of trees, from Lagerstroemia indica and Desert Climate trees to Cold Hardy Virescence trees and Palm trees.

Tabebuia impetiginosus is an exceptional addition to our collection. It showcases a clear trunk that ranges from 1.8 to 2 meters in height, giving it an elegant and upright appearance. The tree itself can grow up to 30 meters in height, with trunks sometimes reaching an impressive 80 centimeters in width. Its deciduous nature adds to its charm, as it sheds its foliage during the colder months, allowing for a change in scenery throughout the year.

Tabebuia impetiginosus truly comes to life with its vibrant pink flowers. Each blossom captures attention with its striking color and trumpet-like shape, adding a touch of elegance to any garden or landscape. The well-formed canopy of this tree provides ample shade and has a spacing ranging from 1 to 4 meters, creating a comfortable and inviting environment.

Our Tabebuia impetiginosus trees are potted with Cocopeat, a natural and sustainable growing medium that ensures optimal root development and growth. They are available in various caliper sizes, ranging from 2 to 30 centimeters, allowing you to choose the perfect fit for your specific requirements. With a temperature tolerance ranging from 3 to 50 degrees Celsius, these trees can thrive in a wide range of climates.

The Tabebuia impetiginosus is not only a stunning addition to gardens and landscapes but also a versatile choice. It can be strategically placed to enhance the beauty of your home or incorporated into larger landscape projects to create a dramatic focal point. Its attractiveness and adaptability make it a favorite among homeowners, landscape architects, and garden lovers.

When you choose Tabebuia impetiginosus from Foshan Greenworld Nursery Co., Ltd, you can trust that you are selecting a high-quality tree that will thrive and bring joy for years to come. Our commitment to delivering superior trees and exceptional customer service ensures that your experience with us will be nothing short of satisfactory.

Transform your outdoor spaces with Tabebuia impetiginosus; its beauty, impressive size, and adaptability make it the perfect choice for creating breathtaking landscapes. Contact us today to bring the elegance of Tabebuia impetiginosusin to your world.

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