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Plant Name: Ficus Virens

Ficus virens is a plant of the genus Ficus found in India, southeast Asia, through Malaysia and into Northern Australia.

Short Description:

(1)FOB Price : $10-$350
(2)Min order Quantities: 100pcs
(3)Supply Ability: 5000pcs/ year
(4)Sea port: Shekou or Yantian
(5)Pyament term: T/T
(6)Delivery Time: 10 days after advance payment

Product Detail


(1)Growing Way: Potted with Cocopeat
(2)Clear Trunk: 1.8-2 meter with Straight Trunk
(3)Flower Color: Evergreen without flower
(4)Canopy: Well Formed Canopy Spacing from 1 meter to 4 meter
(5)Caliper Size: 2cm to 20cm Caliper Size
(6)Usage: Garden, Home and Landscape Project
(7)Temperature Tolerate: 3C to 50C


Ficus elastica Variegata Whether adorning a young plant with impressively long 45-centimeter leaves or gracing an older tree with more petite 10-centimeter leaves, the Ficus elastica Variegata never fails to captivate with its unique growth patterns. As the leaves develop, they are encased in a protective sheath that gradually expands, ensuring the safe and gradual unfurling of the delicate foliage. The process of shedding this sheath provides a mesmerizing display as the beauty of the mature leaf is revealed, adding an element of anticipation and wonder to the plant's growth cycle. It's truly fascinating to observe the transition from the protective sheath to the stunning variegated leaf, making each new leaf a marvel to behold.

In addition to its visual appeal, the Ficus elastica Variegata is also a resilient and low-maintenance plant, making it an excellent choice for both experienced and novice gardeners alike. Its adaptability to different light conditions and its air-purifying properties further enhance its appeal as a must-have plant for any indoor or outdoor space.
Bring the beauty and wonder of the Ficus elastica Variegata into your home or garden and experience the joy of watching this magnificent plant flourish and grow. Its striking foliage, graceful development, and low-maintenance nature make it a standout choice for plant enthusiasts seeking to elevate their surroundings with a touch of natural splendor.

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