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Plant Name: Ficus Panda

Ficus Panda is a special ficus variety which are made to be grown as indoor and outdoor plants

Short Description:

(1)FOB Price : $10-$350
(2)Min order Quantities: 100pcs
(3)Supply Ability: 5000pcs/ year
(4)Sea port: Shekou or Yantian
(5)Pyament term: T/T
(6)Delivery Time: 10 days after advance payment

Product Detail


(1)Growing Way: Potted with Cocopeat
(2)Shape: Pyramid shape, layer shape, Single trunks
(3)Flower Color: Evergreen without flower
(4)Canopy: Well Formed Canopy Spacing from 1 meter to 4 meter
(5)Caliper Size: 2cm to 10cm Caliper Size
(6)Usage: Garden, Home and Landscape Project
(7)Temperature Tolerate: 3C to 50C


Introducing Ficus Panda: The Perfect Indoor and Outdoor Plant

Are you in search of the perfect plant that can thrive both indoors and outdoors? Look no further than Ficus panda, a special variety of ficus that is guaranteed to add beauty and charm to any space. Whether you have a small apartment or a spacious garden, Ficus panda is the ideal choice for you.

One of the standout features of Ficus panda is its unique and versatile shapes. You can find these plants in pyramid shape, layer shape, single trunk ball shape, or shrub ball shape. This variety allows you to choose the perfect shape that suits your preference and fits perfectly into your space. Whether you want a tall and majestic plant or a compact and elegant one, Ficus panda has it all.

For Ficus panda to thrive, it requires loose, fertile, and well-drained soil. It prefers acidic soil, as alkaline soil can cause the leaves to turn yellow and hinder the growth of the plant. To provide the optimum conditions for your Ficus panda, ensure that the soil is well-drained and rich in nutrients. This will allow the plant to grow to its full potential and stay healthy for years to come.

Ficus panda also loves warm, moist, and sunny environments. However, it is important to avoid exposing the plant to blazing sun for extended periods, especially during the hot summer season. Instead, find a shady spot where the plant can enjoy indirect sunlight. This will prevent the leaves from burning and maintain the vibrant green color of the foliage.

At FOSHAN GREENWORLD NURSERY CO., LTD, we pride ourselves in supplying high-quality plants, including Ficus panda. With a field area of over 205 hectares, we have the expertise and resources to provide you with the best plants in the market. Alongside Ficus panda, we offer a wide range of trees, both tropical and cold hardy, as well as bonsai and indoor plants. Our commitment to quality ensures that you will receive healthy and thriving plants that will enhance the beauty of your gardens, homes, and landscape projects.

Let's explore the remarkable features that set Ficus panda apart from other plants. Firstly, these plants are potted with cocopeat, a biodegradable and eco-friendly growing medium. This not only provides a sustainable option but also benefits the plant by promoting healthy root development.

Secondly, Ficus panda exhibits various shapes, including pyramid shape, layer shape, and single trunks. This versatility enables you to design breathtaking landscapes and create focal points within your spaces. Additionally, the plants have a well-formed canopy, with spacing ranging from 1 meter to 4 meters. This ensures a lush and full growth pattern, adding depth and dimension to any landscape.

When it comes to size, Ficus panda is available in a range of caliper sizes, from 2cm to 10cm. This allows you to select the perfect size for your requirements, whether you want a smaller plant for your home or a larger one for a grand garden display.

The uses for Ficus panda are endless. Whether you want to add a touch of greenery to your garden, beautify your home, or enhance a landscape project, Ficus panda is the perfect choice. Its versatility makes it an excellent addition to any space, providing an instant boost of beauty and natural elegance.

Furthermore, Ficus panda is temperature tolerant and can withstand temperatures ranging from 3C to 50C. This means that the plant can thrive in a wide range of climates, making it suitable for various regions across the globe. Whether you live in a hot desert climate or a colder environment, Ficus panda will adapt and flourish.

In conclusion, Ficus panda is a remarkable plant that combines beauty, versatility, and resilience. Its unique shapes, easy maintenance, and adaptability make it the perfect plant for both indoor and outdoor use. At FOSHAN GREENWORLD NURSERY CO., LTD, we take pride in offering the highest quality plants, including Ficus panda, to enhance your spaces. Choose Ficus panda and experience the enchantment it brings to your surroundings.

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