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Plant Name: Ficus Elastica Variegata

Ficus Elastica Variegata, the rubber fig, rubber bush, rubber tree, rubber plant, or Indian rubber bush, Indian rubber tree

Short Description:

(1)FOB Price : $10-$350
(2)Min order Quantities: 100pcs
(3)Supply Ability: 5000pcs/ year
(4)Sea port: Shekou or Yantian
(5)Pyament term: T/T
(6)Delivery Time: 10 days after advance payment

Product Detail


(1)Growing Way: Potted with Cocopeat
(2)Clear Trunk: 1.8-2 meter with Straight Trunk
(3)Flower Color: Evergreen without flower
(4)Canopy: Well Formed Canopy Spacing from 1 meter to 4 meter
(5)Caliper Size: 2cm to 20cm Caliper Size
(6)Usage: Garden, Home and Landscape Project
(7)Temperature Tolerate: 3C to 50C


Introducing the Ficus elastica Variegata by FOSHAN GREENWORLD NURSERY CO., LTD, a high-quality and exquisite addition to any garden, home, or landscape project. With a rich diversity of plants and trees, our company is committed to providing the finest and most beautiful selection for our customers.

The Ficus elastica Variegata is a magnificent plant that stands out with its broad shiny oval leaves. Ranging from 10 to 35 centimeters in length and 5 to 15 centimeters in width, these leaves add a touch of elegance to any space. On young plants, they can even grow up to an impressive 45 centimeters or 18 inches long, while older trees tend to have smaller leaves of around 10 centimeters or 3.9 inches. As the leaves develop, they are safely wrapped inside a protective sheath that gradually enlarges. Once mature, the sheath gracefully falls off, revealing the beauty within. It is fascinating to discover that inside the new leaf, another immaturity leaf is waiting to flourish.

The Ficus elastica Variegata is potted with Cocopeat, ensuring optimal growth and development. With a clear trunk measuring between 1.8 to 2 meters, this tree exhibits a straight and majestic appearance. Proudly displaying its evergreen nature, this variety does not produce flowers, allowing for sustained beauty and vibrancy throughout the year. Its well-formed canopy, spaced from 1 to 4 meters, adds a touch of grandeur to any landscape. Ranging from 2cm to 20cm in caliper size, the Ficus elastica Variegata offers a diverse selection to meet various preferences and requirements. It thrives in a wide temperature range, withstanding temperatures from as low as 3°C to as high as 50°C, making it suitable for various climates and environments.

Whether placed in a garden, home, or incorporated into a landscape project, the Ficus elastica Variegata creates a captivating and enchanting atmosphere. Its lush foliage adds a touch of natural beauty and tranquility, transforming any space into a serene oasis. With its exceptional qualities and versatility, this plant is an ideal choice for both professional landscapers and gardening enthusiasts alike.

At FOSHAN GREENWORLD NURSERY CO., LTD, we take pride in offering the highest quality plants and trees, and the Ficus elastica Variegata is no exception. With over 205 hectares of cultivation area, our company is dedicated to providing a wide array of exceptional species. Our commitment to excellence ensures that each plant we deliver carries the mark of quality and reliability. Explore our collection and enhance your surroundings with the extraordinary Ficus elastica Variegata.

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